I cannot tell you how excited I am to have finally launched the Beautiful Content Club! I absolutely LOVE working with business owners 1-2-1 but naturally I’m limited by the time I have available (plus you know, being a mum, a wife, also employed!) and I wanted to find a way to help more business owners without running myself into the ground.

What is the Beautiful Content Club?

This is my monthly accountability and membership club. As a member you get my advice and guidance on how to create engaging content for your business but most importantly you won’t be on your own. You will be a part of a supportive community, of people who face the same challenges as you – being so busy running your business that marketing and content aren’t the priority. You also have responsibilities at home and I know that with all the will in the world, after a long day and with children (or pets) finally in bed, the last thing your brain wants is to think too hard!

Tell me more…

Like I say, this will be a closed membership group led by me. I will have a whole host of resources to help you plan content more efficiently and to inspire creative content ideas! You’ll go through the same processes I use for planning content for my 1-2-1 clients.

It’s important to me that this group doesn’t feel overwhelming or like a chore. I know you have so much on your plate – I’m here to guide you, nudge you and inspire you. I don’t want you to feel burdened but I do want you to feel committed and to use the group to hold you accountable, especially if you recognise you’ll have periods of consistent posting followed by not a lot (don’t worry, we all do it!)

There will be posts throughout the week and resources there to help you get started. Ask questions, share ideas, celebrate results!

I’ll also invite some chosen speakers to pop in and share their wisdom – whether that’s branding, time planning, advice with how to form good habits.

How much is the Beautiful Content Club?

It’s just £30 per month, billed quarterly in advance. Why is it not a rolling monthly contract? Because I recognise the value of accountability and know that this will period of time will allow you to get so much more done as opposed to staying in the group for a month or two. At the end of each quarter you can decide whether to renew or not (obviously I hope you’ll stay with the club!)

new member offer

The doors for new members open up at the start of each month. As part of my launch where the doors open in September, I’m looking for my first five members to join! These lucky members will benefit from an extra month of membership which will take you through to the end of 2020.

As I write this THREE spots have already gone – so if you’d like to join and get FOUR months worth of membership for the price of THREE, get in touch today!

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